The Cloud Storage Debate

Have you ever used services like Dropbox? Skydrive? Google Drive?

Do you feel more, or less, organized with them?

With files shoved all over the place, most of us feel like we’ve been spread out all over the Internet, not knowing where to look for the files we need. One project’s files in Dropbox, another in Google, and yet another in Amazon.

Although some of these online storage services are free, eventually they get you to pay.

Dropbox is the worst (as far as massive growth). Every time someone shares a file it fills my local hard drive and counts against my storage total.

Anyway…here are the three services we are currently using for our project files, and the costs associated to each:

Dropbox – 2gb free – 100gb $99 year
Google – 5gb free – 100gb $60 year
Skydrive – 7gb free – 107gb $50 year

As you can see, both Google and Microsoft Skydrive are significantly less money.

Google and Microsoft also have 25gb plans that are even more economical.

And another thing…Google provides Google Docs, and Microsoft now has Office Online… so you can edit documents in the cloud.

We’re a big fan of using Dropbox to get organized. It will mean moving some files around, but it’ll be for the best.

We’ve also been reviewing project management solutions, bookkeeping and invoicing, support systems, and other such tools.

There are so many cloud solutions now, it’s difficult to filter through their endless numbers.

Are you using any cloud solutions? Which ones have worked well for you? And which ones have fallen short of their promises?

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