I founded Breakthrough Digital Media on the core principle that I would create a company that would truly help our clients grow their businesses by working with them more as a strategic partner than merely an outsourced vendor. I want our clients to rely on us to help them develop an online presence that will dramatically influence their businesses in a positive fashion. Our clients come to us seeking to utilize our expertise to help them increase sales, boost their lead-generation efforts, and most importantly deliver them the results they are searching for.

Prior to starting Breakthrough Digital Media, I was a partner at, an online tracking system for returnable shipping platforms, that we started from one of the founder’s living rooms in his 800 sq. foot apartment. Initially, we received calls from prospects that found our website through searching on the Internet. However, as time passed, and Google changed their ranking algorithms, our website slowly disappeared from the search engine results pages (SERPs), and the new prospect phone calls dried up. I took on the task of finding out why our website dropped from page 1 in Google down to around page 10.

After an entire year of researching Google’s ranking algorithms, and finding out the hard way what worked and what didn’t, we were successful at climbing the website back to page 1 in Google for our target search terms. In some cases, we were #1 on page 1 of Google.

By spending time in the Internet Marketing forums, attending webinar after webinar, and spending in excess of $10,000, I not only gained a solid foundation in how the search engines rank and prioritize web pages, but I also made new friends and business partners, many of which I continue to stay in touch with regularly to share ideas and experiences

If you are searching for a company that will truly value your business, and if you are tired of empty promises and poor service, then please contact me to discuss how our approach can make a meaningful difference to your business.