The core of any mobile marketing campaign hinges on your business having a mobile-friendly website. Just because you can see your website on a mobile device does NOT mean that it is mobile-friendly. Watch this video to understand what it means to have a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile Sales Tool is MUCH more than just a mobile-friendly website. A Mobile Sales Tool takes over where a mobile site leaves off. It’s a must-have marketing tool in your bag of strategies used to promote your business. It includes features such as:

  • Mobile website builder (you can build yourself or one of our professional developers can do it for you)
  • Click-to-Call button and tracking
  • Click-to-Email button and tracking
  • Click-to-Map button for directions (geo-location) and tracking
  • Mobile coupons
  • Mobile Loyalty Program (a must-have for customer retention)
  • Mobile forms for lead generation (email or text/SMS)
  • Mobile forms for giveaways, contests, feedback, or surveys
  • Multi-Location support for chains with GPS couponing, redemption by location, etc.
  • Facebook “Like” Gate (Facebook Buzz)
  • Robust visitor reports and analytics
  • Animated slide shows, image galleries, and video
  • QR code generation and tracking
  • M-Commerce shopping and ordering capabilities
  • Tell-a-Friend and social sharing features
  • Events (EventBrite)
  • Social network connections
  • 3rd party integration, such as sending mobile leads to your MailChimp, ExactTarget, ZoHoCRM, ConstantContact, or account
  • RSS feed for news or social account content

We understand and appreciate that every business is in a different phase of their evolution. Therefore, we’ve got a pricing package available for you regardless of your business’s size and growth plans. Click here to choose the package that best fits with your business.

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