Email Marketing

The widespread use of the email has made the world a smaller place and has likewise made the business industry instantly connect with anyone in the world. Reaching out to your customers and informing them about the latest events of your company instantaneously builds a solid business relationship. While sending email marketing campaigns may seem easy enough, what assurances can you get to know if your intended recipient actually sees it?Once an email marketing service provider establishes your email list through sign-ups on your website, your emails should be sent on a regular (but not too frequent) schedule and provide your recipients with valuable content. Successful email marketing campaigns include announcements of:

  • Sales
  • Coupon Codes
  • New Products

A well-designed email marketing message reminds previous customers and interested potential customers to visit your website and gives them the incentive to do so.

Breakthrough Digital Media can manage your email marketing campaign through the design, development, and deployment stages.

Just like website design, email marketing design has a set of best practices. Some standards we follow when designing client emails:

Message Design

Although images make web pages more aesthetically pleasing, in a marketing email they should be used sparingly. If your entire message is contained within an image file, most recipients will see a large red X in place of your carefully-crafted message when they open your email. Incorporating text instead of images ensures the majority of recipients can view your message immediately.

The FROM name carries the most weight for recipients when deciding whether or not to open a marketing email. An effective FROM tag communicates the email comes from a trustworthy source (your company name, usually), while the SUBJECT line gives your recipient an incentive to open the email, in 60 characters or less.

Medium Testing

People read marketing emails across the spectrum of electronic devices: desktop computers, laptops, Blackberries, and simple mobile phones. A message that fails to take into account the mediums through which people access their email runs the risk of hurting the reputation of the sender. If the prospect cannot read your company’s email effectively, she is more likely to unsubscribe from your list or block you with a SPAM filter.

Account Testing

In addition to the differences between devices, individual email programs display messages in various ways. Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and proprietary email programs all have distinct standards for displaying an email message. For example, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail block all images by default. Outlook and Yahoo! Mail display each message in a preview pane, about 3 to 5 inches long, rather than the entire message immediately.

An optimized email message will ensure that the majority of your message can be read as easily as possible by every one of your recipients.

All email campaigns are designed to drive sales. We configure every email marketing campaign with that goal in mind.

FeaturesFully Managed –
Up & Coming
Fully Managed –
E-blast distribution scheduleQuarterly
(4 e-blasts a year)
(12 e-blasts a year)
Campaign & target strategy✔✔
Creative theme development✔✔
Website signup implementation✔✔
Copywriting and design for e-blasts✔✔
Coding of e-blasts✔✔
Testing of e-blasts on 24 mail clients✔✔
Distribution of e-blasts ($0.01 per recipient)✔✔
Database list pruning✔✔
CAN-SPAM Act check-up✔✔
Landing page implementation✔✔
Monthly/Quarterly lead generation reports✔✔
Email metrics real-time login✔✔
Split A/B landing page testing✔
List split testing✔
Call tracking✔
Online campaign project management✔✔
1 Year’s Investment:$415 a month$790 a month
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